NEWS: Coimici Gael Moves Nestor, Wire & Gas To New Imprint

ICNA winner Mike Lynch has revealed via his blog that publisher Coimici Gael has founded its first imprint in Abandoned Comics. The first two books that will see print from the new imprint will be Nestor written by Martin Greene and Mike Lynch with art in the first issue by Paul McCallan and Anthony O’Neill for issue two. The other book to see its launch with Abandoned Comics will be the war anthology book Wire & Gas which will feature art by Mike Ball and by Coimici Gael founder Aidan Courtney among others.
At the moment the imprint will feature books created by Greene, Lynch and Courtney but there are tentative plans to enlarge the imprint down the line.
The creation of the imprint is the next step in what is shaping up to be a banner year  in 2012 for the Clare based company that will also see the release of the next issue of Irish language anthology Rira through parent company Coimici Gael.