Speed Date Comic/ Speed Kills Film

Dirk Van Dom has a new comic out. It’s called Speed Date and its an homage to 80s video nasties/slasher flicks. Its a 16pp full colour comic featuring art by Liam Byrne and Bhuna, about a very unorthodox speed date night that is not quite what it seems. It’s nasty, it’s bloody, it’s gorey, it’s violent, and these speed dates are LETHAL—but all done with wacky cartoony artwork and a (very dark) sense of humour. Lots of shocks across the 2 parts of this blood-soaked tale.
He will be giving away copies FREE with issue 2 of Vanguard at the end of the year but is also happy to sell copies separately, to anyone who isn’t tempted by Vanguard. More info can be found at the Vanguard blog here- http://vanguardcomic.blogspot.com/
Another point of interest regarding this. The first “act” of the story has been turned into a short horror movie by Van Dom and some friends. The movie version is called Speed Kills. It was shown on the big screen as part of the Short Film Showcase during this year’s Hallowscream film festival in the IFI, and was well-received.
A facebook page has been set up about the film which you can view here – http://www.facebook.com/speedkills2011. We would love if people could visit and “like” it, as the more likes it gets the more chance it has of being accepted to other film festivals. IMDB have also accepted the film for inclusion on their site and an entry for it will appear there shortly.