NEWS: New Celtic Clan Comic in production

A new comic is currently in production called ‘Celtic Clan’.  The comics underlying story revolves around a range of heroes based within Ireland that work out of their secret base under Newgrange and strive to win a long ongoing battle with an ancient hidden race of shape changing humanoid reptiles.  Nigel Flood and Frank J Right of The Celtic Clan Comic, took some time out to give us a breakdown on the key characters:
The Citizen: (Real name classified). Ex Irish Ranger and leader of the Celtic Clan . A master tactician armed with full body amour and an arsenal of non lethal weapons, taser, smoke, stun grenades and police baton.
Ard Rì : (Real name unknown) .An ancient high king of Ireland who has been cursed with immortality who became trapped in the Bog Of Allen and  has now become more mash than man. Power house of the Celtic Clan with the ability to gain mass and to control land around him.
The Athlete: (Real name “Ian” “Iano” “Leggitt”) ã .Junkie Speedster who gained his power while getting high in the north side of Dublin when struck by lightning, or so he tells us. Top speed unknown but he is prone to blackouts due to his drug addiction and also suffers ADHD.
Legacy: (Real name Fiona MacCumhaill)  Ancestor of Finn MacCumhaill and inheritor of Finn’s wisdom and ancient magical weapons including a spear that never misses and a fire proof cloak.
Nymph: (Real name Chidera)ã Half fairy half human and the youngest member of the Celtic Clan with the ability to shrink down to the size of a fly and cause damage with a bite. Becomes more insect like in appearance when she becomes enraged.
The Druid: (Real name unknown)  Not much is known about this member of the team, but he seems to have a connection with Àrd Rì . Communicates to his team mate through telepathy, also has the ability to see predict into the future by the use of his ancient runes.
The Celtic Tiger( Real name Barry McMann) Over weight Ex heavy weight champion MMA and boxer who went on to offer his services to genetics lab as a guinea pig. He was turn into a humanoid white tiger with green and orange stripes. His fur changes colour and size with his mood.
Along with some strong character designs as featured on their facebook group page Celtic Clan they have a photo section outlining various artists impressions and takes on the characters which are brilliant.
The Celtic Clan will also be appearing in a american mini series called the War Of the Independents by Dave Ryan of Red Anvil comic .The War of the Independents is out now and the Celtic Clan will be appearing in Issue 3 along many other independent superhero eg The Tick,Bomb Queen, Shadowhawk,Madman, The Maxx and Mr Monster plus many many more.  We’ll have to wait a little longer for the graphic novel however so watch this space for further details as they hope to have a release date for early 2012.