NEWS: The Cult Of Lego Featuring Mr. Amperduke

A new publication written by Joe Meno and John Baichtal about the history of Lego and its many uses and influences in various media has just gone on sale. It features a section on comics that use minifigs in the art as an influenced from Lego.
Included in that section is Andrew Summersgill (Dr. Sinister) – Grunts, Derek Almen (Capt. Redstorm) – Nerds in Space and Lich Barrister – Meta Gear (now Ye Olde Lego-Time Theatre) and Bob Byrne’s Mr. Amperduke.
It is essentially a history of lego written by fans for fans.
It is available to buy on for about £20 by following the link below.
The Cult of LEGO