EVENT:Temple Bar Gallery-Open Call for Comics!

Temple Bar Gallery will be holding an exhibition from early December relating to Art books and magazines.  At present they have an open call for all types of books and comics are included in it.
They aim to have a wide range of books available for both selling and archiving, so if you would like them to sell them on your behalf you must send in 5 copies under their guidelines on their website.  The last date for submission is Monday 28th Nov.
Their aim according to their website, is to “publicise and distribute art books and publications in Dublin.  Over the first weekend in December, The gallery at TBG+S, in the heart of Dublin’s cultural quarter, will become a market fair at which over twenty publishers from Ireland and abroad specialising in art books will be represented. TBG+S invites you to come and browse the extensive range of unique books and publications, which will be for sale.”
It’s a great opportunity to get connected in with an event for selling comics close to Christmas if you can’t avail of the WexWorlds event happening this weekend.
Rayne Booth is you main point of contact for this event but for more info and to get a clear brief on what way to submit and where to submit please visit – http://www.templebargallery.com/gallery/exhibition/dublin-art-book-and-magazine-fair