EVENT: Andy Luke features in Occupy Belfast's series of teach-ins

Andy Luke will feature at the  OccupyBelfast’s series of teach-ins with a talk on Tuesday 29th November at 6pm, on the subject of Epilepsy and Mental Health and will be focusing his talk upon his own experiences working on ‘Absence’ with a view to opening up a discussion with the audience on issues around health and comics as a tool for education.
The sessions are run by members of the camp, and others from the public who have chosen to donate their time.  Since the launch of Absence Andy has found himself speaking at a wide range of audiences within a variety of settings with this being his first gazebo.
The Teach-Ins continue throughout the week, at 6pm, with the possible exception of the General Strike on Wednesday.
Some photos from the encampment can be found at Alan in Belfasts blog,  http://alaninbelfast.blogspot.com/2011/10/talking-to-gerry-in-occupy-belfast-camp.html or you can follow @OccupyBelfast on twitter for further updates on what is happening.