IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Tommie Kelly's Batman

Batman in the shadows

I really want to draw on paper a lot more than I currently am. So much so, that the comic I am working on between now and Christmas will all be penciled and inked on my drawing desk and not Manga Studio. I’ll still colour digitaly, because scanning in colour work never looks right to me. Which is a pity because colour original art looks very pretty.
Most of the comic work I have done has been digital apart from Moments, which started in the analogue world but even that became digital towards the end. I also have been trying to draw this Batman image for quite awhile, unsuccessfully. I could see it in my head but could never just quite get the balance of shadow and light. I am quite happy with the result and I think I mightn’t have gotten there if I had just done this in Manga Studio. It actually came together pretty quick once I sat down at the desk with the pencil. There is something about working “in the real world” that makes it easier for me to “see” the image better as I am composing. I just have to work on my line quality, my brush inking is no where near the level of my digital inking. But I am enjoying learning.
This image was done in pencil, lightboxed and inked with a brush and india ink and then coloured in photoshop.