REVIEW: The Whole World

Story & Art by: Brian Naughton
Price: €2.50
Reviewed By: David O’Leary
Book Summary: The Whole World is a short science fiction comic by Brian Naughton featuring the first appearance of the detective with a robot nose, who along with his cyborg assistant investigate a case of a robot who learns to love, but following rejection it turns violently against its master. But, not all is what it seems…
Review: The Whole World is Mayo writer/artist Brian Naughton’s newest title that for now is only available in Sub City Galway. A sci-fi story done in an attractive manga style of art, it was a nice surprise as I found it to be a nuanced and layered read.
The book begins with a panicked lady who enters the office of a metal nosed detective and his cyborg partner in an attempt to recruit them following some unwanted amorous attention from her robot. They agree to do so and begin the hunt for the robot. Naughton uses the character of the robot quite nicely. The robot is silent throughout the issue and his anger is that of a lover scorned. He gives the robot some humanity in its actions and it is hard to feel too much for it as a villain as its ‘emotions’ could be that of any man. But like any man the robot is flawed and in that you have to look at the root as not much more than a petulant being with difficulty in handling basic feelings. This is just a sample of the textured story Naughton has put together to make this a surprisingly enjoyable read.
The books art style though sometimes sketchy is actually quite fitting. Naughton’s hand is practiced and manga influenced for sure but it is still the right style for the type of story told. The book finishes with some sketch samples from the books production. Extras like this are rarely seen in indie books and was a nice touch.
Books like this ensure that the spirit of self published indie comics is alive and strong in this country. Click on the link to Brian’s blog to order your copy if you wish to do so: and consider the book recommended.