NEWS: December Previews Shows New OGN From Time Bomb Comics W/ Irish Writer

UK based Time Bomb Comics, a publisher of one shots and OGN’s, has a preview code (DEC 112170) in the December issue of Previews for an OGN to be released in February 2012 called London Calling. Irish writer Stephen Walsh will be writing the book in a style that harkens back to the Brit comics of yesteryear. Take a look below for book info and cover art.
Book Information: Written by screenwriter Stephen Walsh with stunning artwork by renowned Commando artist Keith Page, London Calling is a complete thrilling adventure, told in a style that hearkens back to classic British comic strips of yesteryear. Set in a 1950’s London one-step sideways to our own, secret agent Charlotte Corday encounters invading Martians, talking puppets, unexpected cameos, and the vampire-hunting coppers of the Metropolitan “V” Squad, as they deal with an outbreak of vampires at Highgate Cemetery.

London Calling - Click Image to Close