It’s Not Rocket Science by George Peter Gatsis – Going Digital For Less Than $200



I have been producing/publishing Canada’s first computer generated comic book ( The Black Diamond Effect ) since 1990. It is also the first comic book to be produced with nearly 100% vector based graphics! Unlike everyone else at the time who was generating bitmapped graphics of various quality… vector was and still is clean and non-destructive.
For the years following I would continue to step ahead with technology. Drawing, writing, building layouts and testing new methods. HECK, I even taped a pencil to the mouse controller and tried to do tracings of artwork I drew on paper into the computer… That only lasted for one day. It was very difficult to maintain a perfect “north” position on the mouse as you trace artwork into the computer. It’s fun. It’s exciting. I relish stepping into undiscovered territory when it comes to art… until a couple of years ago… when I got an iPhone.
I wanted to put all my comics on the AppStore for sale or free download. I looked around and got pricing that ranged from $2,000 to $12,000!!

HOLY MOLY! That’s insane I thought…..