IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Tommie Kelly’s Han Solo

Han Solo Comic


I’m working hard on my art style at the minute. I am just not happy with how I draw. I often look at my ages and wonder that if i seen it in a comic on a shelf would I buy it? Obviously I can’t see my art from an outsiders point of view but I would hazzard a guess that i probably wouldn’t dig it. So I want to change up my style a bit. Although I can draw in a semi realistic style, its not a style I enjoy actually doing. Its very time consuming, relys too heavily on reference and in my opinion, unless you are fucking AWESOME at realistic stuff (which i aint) you will just come off looking like you are trying rather than succeeding. I prefer the more cartoony style but not exactly how I drew for Road Crew. Currently I am studying artists like Mike Oeming, Paul Grist, Tonci Zonjic, Darwyn Cooke, Gabriel Ba and Rob Guillory to see how they do things. So we’ll see how it goes. The downside of changing your style, or really looking at your art is that you end up feeling like you can’t actually draw at all.

Anyway all of this is exciting not depressing, so don’t think I’m down in the dumps. I’m fighting the fight and working on my craft.