COMICS: Year in Review by Comicbuzz

An excellent feature on the website today sees a Year in Review for Irish Comics.  It is a hearty read on what came out, who featured where and what type of work was being produced for 2011.  What really stands out is the sheer volume of work produced by Irish artists and writers.
As James who wrote the review puts it “Sometimes you get a feeling or a buzz from a comic or an event, something that can come from peers’ excitement, media hype or just at times a sensation that something special is happening.  There has been a steady but continuous development in Ireland when it comes to comics in recent times, and last year, I felt a buzz about it. It felt tangible but at the same time unpredicted and independent, just occurring.”

There were fewer local comic events in 2011 than in 2010, but that seems to have only given people more time to spend on producing high quality work.  The review features comics such as Zombie Hi, The League of Volunteers, Six Million Ways to Die and Splunc! as well as Irish names that have carved out solid careers in comics such as Declan Shalvey, Stephen Thompson and Nick Roche.
It would be fair to say that based on how far comics have come in the last number of years, we’re gonna be blown away by the talent and interest in Irish comics by the end of 2012.  Here’s looking forward to a bumper year then! 🙂