PUBLISHERS: Grayhaven Comics

A thread appeared recently in the forum and I thought it might get a bit lost there (You do know we have a forum right?) so here is some information about Gray Haven Comics

“Hi everyone. My name is James O’ Callaghan and I’m one of the senior editors at Grayhaven Comics. I stumbled across this site and wanted to answer any questions any of you might have. I’m actually a native Irishman, from Cork City, so first off it’s nice to see our name popping up this side of the ocean. Been working on that a bit since becoming an editor but it’s slow going.
To clarify some points raised in this thread, yes we’re small press. No, none of us make any money out of the comic as of yet. Though we’re not against that being an end result. What we do, and what the company started out as, is give people a chance to get published, sometimes alongside big name creators. As has been pointed out, Gail Simone and Sterling Gates have worked with us (Sterling is even going to be a fixture in our recently announced Horror themed ongoing series). Scott Snyder and Sean McKeever have expressed an interest in pitching in but need to work it into their schedule. John Jackson Miller of Star Wars comic fame is even doing a story for our Sci Fi themed book.
And then there are the likes of Glenn Greenberg (Rampaging Hulk) and Brent Peeples (Last of the Greats) who have worked with us too.
The book came together on the Brian Bendis messageboard ( if any of you frequent. I’m Howlett there), originally just as a group of friends wanting to put something together to get it out of their systems. And it took off after that, in no small part thanks to Gail Simone’s help critiquing and reviewing the book, and helping get the word out there to anyone who would listen. Since then we’ve done so well we’re going monthly this year, have two ongoing quarterly books planned, and have a mini series being published through us too (Ever After by Matt O’ Keefe and Lee Giles).
What we promise creators is the chance to be published. To get that first foot in the door and have something tangible to bring to an editor if you’re trying to break into the business. That’s the first step, and we’re trying to help people with that. All of us involved have a big love of comics, and want the industry to improve as a whole. Creators own their stories, 100%. As of now we’re at the point where we’re getting a lot of submissions, and not all make it of course, but we do our best to get as many new people involved as possible so we can stick with our original goal of getting people what could possibly be their first published work.
If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to ask here and I’ll check back regularly to answer or email any of us from the editorial staff. If anyone would like to pitch to one of our current next wave of books, we’d be delighted to have you. And I’d personally be thrilled to see more Irish people involved in the books.
All our emails are at the website