ART: Ciaran Lucas' Paved Paradise

Ciaran Lucas’ newest blog post caught my eye with a great looking art post. I’ll let you read what Ciaran had to say about how the piece came to be and you can look below that for the piece itself.
“When I was a kid I was meant to be going for a walk with my uncles, and whatever happened, I got seperated from them and ended up walking along the seafront on my own. It was almost pitch black bar the bright moonlight, and was the first time I’d been acutely aware of the horrible glare those orange (tungsten?) lights have. Awful, awful things. (I found my uncles after a minute or two, everything was fine.)
Flash forward, I moved to the countryside.Walking home at night was amazing, as it would be almost as bright as day but all in blue, with the same pacifying harmony a snow filled landscape would do. Plus, STARS. If I walk a minute out the road, there are tonnes of stars. Wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust, and you’ve a clear view of galaxies, nebulae and the milky way itself. They didn’t have that in Dublin.
Returning from a walk the other day (a new route, with NO roadlights) I got to the outskirts of the town and saw the orange lights start again. That’s when the idea for THIS popped into my head. WHY you may ask was I walking in the dark? When you stare at a monitor all day focusing on minute colour gradations, a bit of darkness is absolute bliss. I remember when I was in Dundee I found myself getting increasingly frustrated by the complete absence of total darkness _anywhere_”