NEWS: Sliney's Darth Maul Prequel Comic From Titan Due This Week

Titan Comic will release an all new Star Wars comic on February 2nd that will feature a Will Sliney drawn 3D sequence. The strip will feature Darth Maul before he is revealed to Qui-Gonn and Anakin before the Jedi find him.
From Titan:
“Totally: The Phantom Menace goes 3D mad and brings to life the menacing red skin of Darth Maul and his deadly companion, the double-bladed saberstaff, in eight action-packed pages of exclusive 3D comic strip adventure! This never-before-seen comic introduces a new dimension of the Star Wars world. Vwooom! We see Anakin, still a slave boy, showing his speedy Podracing in Tatooine, while Darth Maul crushes battle droids and is trained up by the dreadful Darth Sidious. The spectacular action on Tatooine and Coruscant comes to life with the awesome FREE 3D glasses that come with every copy of the magazine.”

Book Cover:

Totally... The Phantom Menace magazine cover

Preview Image:

3D comic strip preview from Totally: The Phantom Menace magazine