NEWS: New Web Site Live For Abandoned Comics

Abandoned Comics, the Clare based publisher of Wire and Gas and Nestor, has a new web site which has just gone live at The company which is now on its own and away from the umbrella of Coimici Gael for business purposes will have its first two titles see print this coming year.

One of the new books, Wire and Gas will have a collection of three short stories based on ideas by Martin Greene and written by Mike Lynch. The book will feature art by Mike Ball, Aidan Courtney and Irish Comic Noodler Anthony O’ Neill.  It will also have a cover drawn by Aidan Courtney. The comic will also have an special five page short from the book Nestor entitled ‘Ripper’ and it is drawn by Joe Campbell. The book will also feature an eleven page strip written and drawn by Joe Campbell called Distant Fields.
The company’s second title Nestor, which we have seen preview art from over the last few months on ICN is also slated to appear later this year with art Paul McCallan and Anthony O’ Neill based on a story by Martin Greene and is written by Mike Lynch.
In addition to the two issues there will be three one page teasers drawn by Uproar Comics artist Kevin Logue which will be released on the sites blog in the weeks leading up to the books arrival.