ART: Teaser Art From Pinpoint: Shoot First

Pinpoint is a book that will be making a big splash on both sides of the pond this summer. ICNA winning writer Mike Lynch has come aboard with creator Alfred Paige to pen five scripts for the new project Pinpoint: Shoot First. The first of those issues are due to hit this summer and some teaser images have been making their way online. Alongside Lynch on the creative team are creator Alfred Paige and artists Marcelo Salaza and Greg Harms. You can check out the art below.

Pinpoint by Rick Tyndall

Pinpoint by Marcelo Salaza and Greg Harms

Pinpoint Info: James Washington (PINPOINT) grew up in a rough world.. Causing him to be a rough man.. James Learned early in the streets of Brooklyn to survive behind his skills with a gun…. That skill stayed with James and was more apparent in his days in the Army.. Now working as a black ops operative for Avery Davis James gets to use his intimidating nature and his instincts with a gun, As he takes a mission where both skills are needed to keep him alive…In the Company of Dogs- James is sent on a mission to find a friend from his army days.. A mission that takes him into the heart of an Island filled by criminals…But it’s just James luck, It’s not the Criminals he needs to worry about…