ICN EXCLUSIVE: John Cullen's New Webcomic From SFX.co.uk

County Clare artist John Cullen begins a new venture tomorrow when his new webcomic written by SFX’s Rob Power will begin a weekly webcomic on the popular pop culture web site SFX. Cullen, coming off a big achievement where he completed 365 consecutive art blog posts ending last year, has provided ICN with exclusive art sans text from the first strip which you can see below. Be sure to check out www.sfx.co.uk tomorrow to see the first instalment.
Press Release:

Mugged Off: The New Webcomic from SFX.co.uk

Working on SFX–  the galaxy’s greatest sci-fi and fantasy magazine – is obviously a lot of fun, but it’s also hard work, fueled by an awful lot of coffee.
But even the tastiest cup of coffee can be forgotten in a crisis (or a deadline). Mugged Off, sfx.co.uk’s new webcomic, explores the trials and tribulations of Huck, a sentient cup of mouldy coffee, and his life in the offices of SFX.
With superb artwork by rising star of the Irish comics scene John Cullen and written by SFX’s Rob Power, Mugged Offis a journey into the bizarre world of Huck as he deals with deadlines, terrible puns and an overwhelming love of biscuits.
You’ll never look at your tasty hot beverage in the same way again. Probably.
Mugged Off will be posted every Tuesday at  www.sfx.co.uk