NEWS: Alan Nolan Speaks To ICN On What 2012 Will Bring

2011 was a monster year for Alan Nolan with several huge books released from O’Brien Press and topped off with an ICNA for his troubles last Autumn. With 2012 nicely poised following the successes of Death By Chocolate, The Big Break Detectives and Six Million Ways To Die, Alan spoke with ICN this afternoon to fill us in on what will be a busy year ahead.
The next book up from O’Brien Press is Destination: Homicide which is due for release in March. The story is of two inept detective buddies from the Hood City PD who are given a case where the city’s superheroes are turning up dead. Alan described how his time on this book was more focused, “I’ve been taking a lot more time with the artwork this time around – given that I’m just doing one book at a time now as opposed to three at once, I have a bit more time to play around with.”
Having had three books released by O’Brien Press last year I asked Alan whether or not he was more comfortable this time working on more books in the ‘Murder Can Be Fatal’ series now that the groundwork was laid by the initial work. “I think I am more comfortable working on this book after finishing the first two — from a purely practical point of view the physical electronic files for print have been set up already so it’s a case of slotting in the new artwork and lettering. From the point of view of writing and drawing it, it’s been a dream; having two books in the same series has really helped with the structure of it. And coming up with completely different characters and plots for each book has been a lot of fun, as has the challenge of keeping it sophisticated yet kid-friendly!”
Not one to rest on his laurels Nolan has his follow-up book with the famed Irish publisher already lined up for a late summer release. He describes Fintan’s Fifteen as “a humorous story about a struggling U-12s hurling team – no murders or sci-fi elements at all, dagnabbit! I’ll start working on that in a couple of weeks and would hope to have that done and dusted in a couple of months for an August release.”
A return to ‘The Murder Can Be Fatal’ series follows with perhaps the greatest pitch in Irish comics history, “”Brendan Behan in space.” To be titled ‘…And The Blood Flowed Green’ Nolan tells us “There’ll be alien abductions, mysterious worlds, space wars, serial killings, and a crusty Dubliner trying to get home.” This book is slated for an October release.
You can’t talk to Alan without the topic of his popular book Sancho coming up. Alan teased that “I also hope to get a new Sancho comic together – (Sancho co-creator) Ian (Whelan) and I have a killer idea for a full issue story – so we would be back to the floppy US size format, but away from the anthology style that we favoured over the last few issues. It’s just finding the time to do it.” Which shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him, “Mind you, I’ve been doing 80 pages per book on the “Murder” series, 28 pages on a new Sancho shouldn’t kill me.”
Destination: Homicide book description: When Hood City’s long-missing superheroes start to turn up – dead – HCPD’s worst
homicide detectives, Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs, are chosen to head up the case. Together with investigative reporter Abigail Fletcher and their informant, blind bluesman Tonedeaf Roosevelt, Nixon and Ribbs must battle giant albino sewer
alligators, mind-controlled zombie cheerleaders and the mysterious underground kingpin Mister Fogg in a brain-curdling mission to find out – WHO’S KILLING THE SUPERHEROES?
Take a look below at some exclusive blue line and inked art from Destination: Homicide and the cover art to the book.