LINK: The Wren Gets A New Web Site

Jason Connors’ all ages comic The Wren has a brand new web site dedicated to all things Jack McCormack. The latest cog in a big push for The Wren in 2012 coupled with the move to full colour with the next issue means that this is one property to keep an eye out for this year.
ABOUT THE WREN: ” The Wren, created in 2007 by Dubliners Jason Connor, co-writers Mark Kirwan and Sean Teeling and letterer Phil Roe, is an all ages Superhero comic. It is the adventures of Jack McCormack, a 13/14 year old boy growing up in Dubh-lynn, a city in the country of Hibernia. He has inherited superpowers from his parents and now learns what it is to become a hero while trying to juggle everything else that comes with the “Hero” territory and being a teenager.”