NEWS: Gerry Hunt's Draugr In Dublin City

Blood Upon The Rose creator Gerry Hunt is on the verge of returning to the shelves with his new book Draugr In Dublin City. It tells the tale of  a couple of young Dublin ne’er-do-wells who disturb a Viking grave. The Viking comes back to life as a Draugr – a sort of vengeful zombie with superhuman powers – to claim back what is rightfully his.
Speaking about Draugr’s rampage through modern Dublin in an interview about the book with the Irish Independent, Gerry said, “I just thought The Spire, that has to go; and I’ve hated the top of Liberty Hall for years. It’s like a bloody accordion you would squeeze in and out. The new Conference Centre isn’t big enough either, with too much contrast between the stone and the glass.”
Famed Preacher cover artist Glenn Fabry will provide the cover art and Sancho co-creator and Irish Comic Noodler Alan Nolan provides lettering and book design in the 100 page black and white tome.
As Alan said to ICN today, “The book is self published by Gerry, but he has just sealed a deal with an Irish distributor which should see it go nationwide, and he’s also in discussions with Diamond, the international comics distributor.”
The book is in production for several years now. Gerry gave an interview with the Irish Independent in August 2010 in which he discussed the project which you can read here:
You can take a look below at some previews of the interior art and also a look at Glenn Fabry’s amazing cover to the book.
Book Information:
Written & Drawn by Gerry Hunt
Cover by Glenn Fabry
Design & Lettering by Alan Nolan
A4, 100 BW Pages
Colour Cover
ISBN 978-0-9546640-3-9