This is a character i created for a role playing game a long time ago (i know just when you thought we couldn’t get any nerdier)but i invested so much thought into him i ended up wanting to create a whole comic about him which iv been meaning to get into at some stage.
He was intended to be put up for creator owned day but sadly i missed it sob sob, but that’s why stuff like Irish comic noodlers is so awesome it gives unorganised artists like myself a second chance 🙂 well anyway let me tell you a bit about the character,
Draega is what some people may call a wanderer and that couldn’t be any closer to the truth.
Draega is a bounty hunter who has wondered the world from country to country for as long as he can remember which is kind of a major problem considering his earliest memory dates back further than the early 17th century.  The reason for his unusually long life is because he is what the bad landers called a half life (a creature born from an exorcism).
The story of draega stradler would be told in a completely new universe completely of my own making and would span across his whole life time its sort of a steam punkish western with more than a few twists an turns.
So here you go guys check this out and let me know from the info you’ve got here if you think this’d be something ya all might be interested in and maybe if i get enough interest id make a start on a brand new book (zoom into the pic for more info).
p.s as it says above pay no attention to the little dude with the fiery fist that,l be a story for another day.