Brand New Retro unearths ZILCH


The fascinating website Brand New Retro, where the pseudonymous Dougie Devlin scans old magazines, fanzines and adverts from his voluminous collection, has found an Irish comic from 1980: Zilch. Published through a bookshop, ABC Books in Talbot Street, Dublin, it featured work by artists like Dave Shields and Paul Ringrose – wonder what they’re up to now? – and used some of the same kind of variable single-colour printing that the Belfast People’s Comic was doing a couple of years earlier. Dougie only has the second issue published in March 1980, and it promises a third in April, so it seemed to be aiming for monthly frequency. Whether it achieved that I have no idea.
Other comics that Brand New Retro has dug up include Fitz, an Irish Viz-clone from 1995; Gakbag, from 1988, featuring work from Father Ted‘s Arthur Matthews and his I, Keano collaborator Mick Nugent; and the seminal Yellow Press (I’d love to get hold of some issues of this, the creative line-up looks fantastic) from 1991-odd. There’s also this rather pretty 1969 advert for Penneys:
Penneys ad