ADVANCE REVIEW: Pogoroboto #1

POGOROBOTO #1 (on sale in April)

Story by: Stephen Paul Coffey
Art by: Stephen Paul Coffey
Cover by: Stephen Paul Coffey

 “It Only Takes One”

Stephen Coffey is back with his severely un-PC hit book Pogoroboto. There is a change in format beginning with this new issue. Previous Pogo books were in volumes whereas beginning with this issue we see a more traditional 22 page comic come from the House of Chestfelt in a push to have the Pogoroboto books achieve a regularly shipping schedule.
The story begins with the beginnings of a zombie outbreak and the mayor of the city, channelling his inner Lloyd Bridges from the movie Airplane!, puts out a call to arms of city resident Chet MacAllister, because his name is cool, to save the city. Chet races to city hall to raise stink about the constant nuisance this causes him so while the mayor is temporarily high, his secretary calls the one person she thinks can save the city, The Pogorocket. After securing his services via a credit card he is the city’s only hope!
The issue bounced from one scene to the next with effortless energy and glorious obscenities. Perhaps I’m getting used to the Pogo-verse but I didn’t find the issue as over the top in terms of some of the scenarios or imagery as before with the sole exception of The Pogorocket’s origin story. That one I’ll leave to your imagination until you get your hands on the book. Coffey gets the comedy just perfect in this one, with plenty of standout scenes in the book that were just nicely brought together with one of the best Pogo scripts yet..

As is usual with Pogoroboto, Coffey has at least one scenario in the book that you have to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder to see what you are reading lest they see the origin story of the Pogorocket that involved a (CENSORED) on robots in a visual that makes the reader both laugh and wonder if a line has been crossed in terms of good taste. But overall with how enjoyable this issue was, crossing any line, good taste or not, this book is worth it.
This was perhaps the one issue of Pogo from all that has come before that I can say I enjoyed the most. The script was spot on with multiple pop culture references that gave a nod to Airplane, Batman and more. This is unmistakeably a mature audiences book and Coffey has found himself a niche market for something like this inIrelandand further abroad and long may he run with it. The issue goes on sale in April with issue two to follow soon after.