IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Welcomes Deirdre de Barra

Maeve is now featured on Mondays and Saturdays have changed so we get to welcome a new noodler to the group – Deirdre de Barra!
In Deirdres words, here’s some insight to her first noodle:
“Way back when I first started reading 2000AD I always liked Strontium Dog and had a bit of a soft spot for Durham Red.  Recently ‘Island of the Damned’ was bagged with the Megazine and then just this week in Prog1773 in Thrills of the Future, a new Durham Red story is on the way from Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra. So I couldn’t resist doing an Ezquerra-esque Durham Red. I really like the way he draws her, even with the dodgy hair-do.”
Deirdre has worked on various comics over the years with Longstone Comics (Downpour) and Gar Shanley(Blue Bloke), as well as producing her own independent work such as ‘Found’ and the Minnie series on
You can check out her blog for more updates :