ART: Kevin Logue's Pencils For Nestor Launch Issue Cover

As the finishing touches of Abandoned Comics Nestor book are being put in place, the Abandoned Comics site has posted the pencils to Kevin Logue’s pencils for the first issues cover.

Nestor is a vampire story set in Dublin telling the story of a vampire forced to watch his wife die at the hands of a gang and sets out to avenge her death. Nestor is based on a story by Martin Greene and is written by ICNA winning writer Mike Lynch with art by Paul McCallan and Irish Comic Noodler Anthony O’ Neill.

The Abandoned Comics site also adds that in addition to there will be three one page teasers drawn by Kevin Logue which will be released on that site in the weeks leading up to the books arrival in 2012. There will also be a five page prequel story called ‘Ripper’ which will appear in Wire and Gas which will be drawn by Northern Ireland’s Joe Campbell.