IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O'Neills Edgar Allan Poe

This is a pic i did to celebrate my love for one of the greatest writers to ever have walked the planet Mr Edgar Allan Poe, he has been a major source of influence to me for about 3 years now i discovered him through another idol of mine who you could almost call a modern day Poe Mr ville valo.
Edgar was just brimming with imagination and every now and again i have to wonder what he’d be writing if he was around today and i cant help but think he’d be doing comics it just seems like a natural pairing to me.
i am so jealous of Declan Shalvey for his new adaptation book of Poe,s stories its not fair, first captain america crossbones and now Poe damn you shalvey you get all the best gigs lol.
I’m not to sure about the new movie “the raven” though it seems like it might be fun but at the same time Edgar as an action hero i don’t know. oh an can i just say one more thing i was extremely disappointed in our generation for being probably the only one that has ever missed the elusive Poe toaster (if you don’t know it google it its awesome) so in respect to the beautiful tradition here’s to you Edgar my own personal toast its just too bad i couldn’t do it for real on your birthday and  anonymously.
p.s i promise that this has been my last big rant cross my tell tale heart and hope to die. Take it easy everyone happy viewing