UPDATE: Mr.Sir Storybook by Bob Byrne


Bobs runaway success of the Learning Japanese website that is Dr.Moku, has now crossed into the Spanish language.  A fantastic website that has all the markings of characters we’ve seen on Bobs comic sites, sees Mr. Sir storybook available as an app to assist children learn Spanish.
Bob posted some sketches up of Mr.Sir on the eclectic micks blog back in September 2010 http://eclecticmicks.blogspot.com/2010_09_01_archive.html so the finished version used within the context of learning Spanish is really cool to see.
To find out what happens in the story click http://drmoku.com/learn-spanish-for-kids/

Some examples of how to learn Japanese from the Dr.Moku site – www.drmoku.com

and you do learn how to read Japanese in 90seconds…it’s brilliant.