PREVIEW: Declan Shalvey On Thunderbolts #172

As the countdown continues to Marvel Comics upcoming rebranding  of fan favourite Thunderbolts to Dark Avengers, we share a preview of next weeks issue of Thunderbolts #172 featuring art by Declan Shalvey. Take a look.
Writer : Jeff Parker Artist : Declan Shalvey Publisher : Marvel Diamond code : FEB120616 UPC : 75960605602617211
Book Description: It Had To Happen – Thunderbolts V. Thunderbolts! • Years Ago, In The Wake Of The World’s Battle With Onslaught, The Thunderbolts Were Formed To Protect A Planet Devoid Of Heroes – But They Were Villains In Disguise!  • Now, The ‘Bolts Of The Modern Day Come Crashing Into Their Earliest Days – And Will Make A Decision That May Destroy The Marvel U – Or Save It! Part 1 Of 3!