THE BIG INTERVIEW: Talking Pin Point: Shoot First With Alfred Paige & Mike Lynch

ICN is delighted to present a talk with the creator of upcoming 5 issue mini series Pin Point: Shoot First Alfred Paige and series writer Mike Lynch. We get the background on the book, the inside story on the origins of the Pin Point series that saw initial print through Big Dog Ink and the genesis and evolution of the Shoot First book as the first issues release creeps up on us later this summer.

David O’Leary: Hey guys, thanks for joining us today to talk about the new mini-series Pin Point: Shoot First.
Alfred Paige: My Pleasure, Thank you for having us here.
Mike Lynch: No problem.
DO’L: Firstly can you tell us is Shoot First a direct sequel to the first mini-series, In the Company of Dogs?
AP: It does have a surprise connection to the first Mini- series, but also a good starting point for new readers.
ML: There are some very cool ideas that were set up in the previous book and I wanted to explore them more in this series. I think that the first mini series did a great job of setting up the world that PinPoint inhabits and this one expands upon some of those ideas.
DO’L: Can you tell us a bit of the history of Pin Point? What was the genesis of the first series and how did you go about getting the project off the ground?
AP: The Idea behind a character like James (Pinpoint)Washington, was to bring that fun action character back to comics. That is what we aimed for in the first series. For the reader to build a relation with James. And look forward to what he might do next.
I was lucky enough to have a conversation with Tom Hutchison of Big Dog Ink about Pinpoint; He liked the idea enough to bring it over to his company. Which was a blessing cause Pinpoint did great in sales and conventions everywhere.
DO’L: Did the success of that first series necessitate a follow up or was a subsequent book always planned?
AP: There was always a plan to do a follow up Series; the first Mini was to get to know who Pinpoint was. The new series is about Action, and putting Pinpoint in a very challenging position.
DO’L: Alfred, when embarking on creating this world, was there a blue print that you wanted these characters to follow and had you planned on telling more than one series worth of stories?
AP: I defiantly wanted to bring a real life situation to the comic, with all the things that has happen over the years, It’s not hard to imagine the threats in the comic. And just like everyday on the news there is a new threat of some kind going on. Pinpoint is just getting started. The new series will be leading Pinpoint into a new strike team comic.
DO’L: With Shoot First being published by yourself under Paige One Studios following the first mini-series being published through Big Dog Ink, why did you want to put this series under your own umbrella?
AP: After Watching  Tom Hutchison on how he handles his titles., I learned so much. And wanted to try my hand at taking full control of Pinpoint on the new series. And see how I can do under my own Imprint. Tom has been a Great friend and mentor. And I hope I can follow in those same footsteps on how I handle this new comic.
DO’L: Shoot First is being written by our own Mike Lynch. Can you tell us how Mike came up on your radar in the first place and how your relationship developed to the point that he became the series writer?
AP: Mike and I started talking via facebook, just at the moment I was putting my ideas together for the new comic. Mike took the ideas I wanted and came back with an incredible storyline. The action level in it was like reading a movie. Mike understood that I really wanted to up the action level from the first Mini.  And did it perfect. This comic will have readers out of breath from just reading it. I was Very Lucky to get him to write it.
ML: We were going to start working straight away on Alfred’s strike team comic but he had a cool idea to do this mini series as a lead up to that. This comic is also a chance to introduce one or two of the other characters that will feature in the strike team book down the line.
DO’L: What can you tell us about the overall plot on Shoot First and what we may expect?
AP: The overall plot was to take Pinpoint to his limits. And waste no time on a all action roller coaster.  Giving Pinpoint all he can handle, while keeping a scientist named Colin alive, from a madman that is more reckless then Pinpoint…
ML: I’m a big fan of action movie stuff like Die Hard and the whole idea of one hero up against what appears to be an impossible threat so I think there is a lot of that in Shoot First. As for the threat I think your hero is only as good as your villian so the character we have in this book is always thinking a few steps ahead of Pin Point and that forces him to not just go it alone as he has done before but rely on other people to help him overcome this pretty immense challenge.
DO’L: Shoot First seems to have assembled a great creative team behind it. What can you tell us about the art team of Marcelo Salaza and Greg Harms’ work on the book?
AP: Because of the action level in this comic I needed a artist that has a great easy flow storytelling style.. Marcelo Salaza not only had the perfect style, but he was a good friend and wanted to get his shot on Pinpoint.  And Greg Harms worked in the first Mini-series. His inks were just perfect. And once I combine the two, the results were just what I was looking for. They really gave the comic a awesome look.
ML: Yeah, it’s been great to see the artwork come in, Marcelo and Greg’s work is brilliant.
DO’L: You have been busy giving readers art teasers and being a visible online presence while building buzz up to the release of the book. How important do you see an online PR push to drum up support for the series?
AP: It’s important to get fans into the character as the book progress. And be part of the fun in the process.  As we get further along, I will be letting fans see the action start to build, to a certain point. So when the comic comes out they will know what to expect but still not see what’s coming..
ML: I must say it’s been great to watch Alfred work on that aspect of the project. He has a great grasp of how to use social networking and PR to help generate interest around the book. I’m learning alot working with him, things I can use when promoting the other projects I’m working on. The pinup art has been excellent too and it’s been great to see the reaction to it.
DO’L: Will Shoot First have a Diamond Distribution release or what will be the best method of buying the comic from overseas?
AP: The first Mini did have a successful run in diamond,  But on this comic we are looking to go digital. So that it can be reached from everywhere.
DO’L: Finally, when will Pin Point: Shoot First go on sale and how often afterwards for subsequent issues?
AP: We are looking to have the first issue out by August, with a bi-monthly release system following for the rest of the five issues.
DO’L: Thanks for joining us guys take care.
AP: Thank you again for having us…
ML: Anytime.
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