NEWS: Alan Dunne's 'Get Off That Ship' Titanic Graphic Novel

Alan Dunne’s Get Off That Ship is a graphic novel that tells the true story of Fr. Frank Browne, a Jesuit novice and photographer who travelled from Southampton to Queenstown on the ill-fated and infamous Irish built ship Titanic. It tells the story that surrounds the famous photographs he took on that voyage with his humble Kodak Brownie No.2 and the twist of fate that saved his life.
As Alan explains on the book’s site, “In the interest of historical accuracy, the illustrations have been painstakingly researched. The words are also sourced and edited from a variety of first hand accounts made by Frank Browne himself – apart from where artistic licence was used in invented conversations and editorial rearranging for purposes of narrative flow.”

Fr. Frank Browne

You can read the fist chapter of the book by following this link: and look for the completed book this Autumn in the centenary year of when the ship sank in the Atlantic in 1912.
Take a look below for some art from the book including Alan’s rendition of the famed liner and of protagonist Fr. Frank Browne.
Illustration of the Titanic by Alan Dunne