NEWS: Naomi Bolger & Ryan O'Connor's Cyberland To Debut At Arcade Con In July

Creators Naomi Bolger and Ryan O’Connor’s new title Cyberland will make its debut at this years Arcade Con which will take place at the Ballsbridge Hotel on July 13th to 15th wriiten by Ryan O’Connor with art by Naomi Bolger..
As the books artist Bolger told ICN this morning about the new title, “It follows 4 characters in an online game. All set inside the game, we see a crossover between RPG games, ‘Cyberland’ and ‘Amythest Kingdom’. Unlike other stories, the players that we follow are all terrible, and just so happen to find a rare item in the game, which catches the creators attention. Assuming that these players are among the best, as they found the item, the owner/creator of the game ’employs’ them in-game to take on difficult quests and fights. The characters are in no way able for this, but they don’t wish to waste the opportunity.”
She continued, “Before long, ‘Cyberland’s rival game, ‘Amethyst Kingdom’s company suggest a crossover of the two games, meaning our little party are not only going to have to impress their own in-game players, but millions from another game, also, if they want to keep their status.”
Bolger finished by giving the book a wicked hook, “With a cyberpunk setting, full of guns, ships, sexy ladies and aliens and much more, it’s going to look like TRON and Mass Effect had a baby.”
Take a look below for some concept art for ‘Seven’, the only female member of the group and look for this book when it drops this summer.