ART: Ger Hankey's Short Sharp Shocks Covers

Via the Sketch Paddys blog today comes Ger Hankey’s cover to his anthology book Short Sharp Shocks #3. In the post Ger explains that he has also redesigned the covers to the fist two issues as well, “I realised that I wasn’t happy with the fact that the cover was so different from the first issue. So I said that if I ever got the chance I would re-do the covers to give them a bit more of a consistent theme. With issue 3 nearly done, it seemed like a good opportunity to do exactly that. When issue 3 comes out (fingers crossed early in June), I’ll also be doing a bit of a re-launch of the first two issues with the new covers.”
You can take a look at the covers below and if you wish to read more on Short Sharp Shocks #3, Ger had a chat with ICN recently which you can read by following this link:

Issue #3 Cover 

Issue #1 Cover

Issue #2 Cover