UPCOMING: Covers For Celtic Knights #2, League Of Volunteers #3 & Nestor #1

In what is shaping to be a banner year for the Irish small press several companies have made images available for upcoming boks that will hit shelves over the summer. First up is Stephen Byrne’s pencils for Atomic Diner’s League of Volunteers #3 depicting the 1916 League.

Celtic Knights scribe Stephen Coffey has provided ICN an exclusive first look at artist Mike Kennedy’s pencils for the upcoming Celtic Knights #2. Celtic Knights tells the tale of a ragtag group of Irish heroes who are the best of what’s left after the 90% of the worlds superheroes are wiped out in a mass attack. Issue #1 is currently on sale at Dublin City Comics 46 Bolton street, for €3.

And finally, from Abandoned Comics comes the completed cover to the highly anticipated Nestor #1 produced by Kevin Logue and Emily Kenny and Aidan Courtney. Nestor #1 is reportedly at the printers so the long wait for this book is nearly at an end.