BREAKING (UPDATE): The Big Bang Announce September International Comic Expo

It has just been announced in the last few minutes (3.00pm) at the Jonathon Ross and Bryan Hitch signing at The Big Bang comic shop in Dundrum that an internatinal comic expo will take place in Dundrum on September 29th & 30th.
Prior to the shop closing at noon today to prepare for the star signing it was teased that during the signing, a huge announcement would take place and the news that a dedicated comic convention will come as a welcome addition to the calenders of many people.
UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments below, staff are being coy on who exactly is attending but seem excited on who will be making appearances. Apparently the event will be held in the square outside the shop in a marquee to accomodate numbers. A flyer given out yesterday also says that there will be panels and portfolio reviews. Creators that will be present will be representing Marvel, DC and Image. This will of course be the first major international con held in Ireland since an event in Smitfield several years ago that boasted guests such as Jonathon Hickman, Paul Cornell, Dan Slott and Michael Lark among others.
When more details come available, we will update.
ICN thanks Ollie Liddy who was at the signing for letting us know.