IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawlers Daenerys Targaryen

Taking inspiration from Daenerys in the brilliant Game of Thrones, I was attempting to go for a slight Alphonse Mucha style.  It was heading that way, yet I couldn’t get a strong line from any pens or brushes in Corel and I haven’t got the command of Photoshop to do it that way yet.  As a result it went off road a bit and into a different palette and I ended up playing a lot with various wallpapers I had created.  Fun to do either way and it’s nice to have time to mess about on Corel.  It would be nice to have the line stronger and cleaner, which Photoshop would no doubt have enabled.  A few hours of play, probably around 3-4hrs with trying out airbrushes, conte, pencil and oils.