IRISH COMIC NOODLERS:Anothony O'Neills Avengers

so here’s what happened with this one, i HAD to do an avengers pic this week but was way more busy than i usually am so basically i rooted out some old avengers stuff that i had done years ago and just kinda pieced it together into a sort of collage type thingy and then just played around with it and this was the result, OK so its no where as close to what i would like it to be but for the time i done it in i suppose its OK what do you guys think? just keep in mind this is unfinished raw old material so be gentle enjoy and everyone have an awesome avengers week WAIT WAIT WAIT, SAY IT WITH ME, NOW ALL TOGETHER, COME ON SHOUT IT OUT….. “IRISH AVENGERS FANS..”!!!ASSEMBLE!!!”.