NEWS: Our Top Posts From This Past Week

Here is this weeks breakdown of the top clicked on stories of the last seven days.
1. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Gary Reynolds ‘Battle Ready’
2. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Deidre de Barras Iron Man
3. COMPETITION: Win A Nestor Comic & Poster & Bonus Signed Avengers Comic
4. IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Guest Noodler Christopher O’Neill
5. IMO: COMICS – Boys Vs Girls by Gar Shanley
6. REVIEW: National Tragedy’s Romantic Mayhem
8. IN MY OPINION: Nast-y goings on New Jersey [PB:IMO]
9. Stephen Downey Announced as regular artist on Black Ops Extreme
10. COVER ART: Exile On The Planet Of The Apes #3 By Declan Shalvey
And as always folks, thanks for reading.