COMIC SPOTLIGHT: A Day In The Life: The Book

A Day In The Life: The Book is a manic, most definitely adult intended book that I found in Sub City Galway on Free Comic Book Day. I had been aware of the strip online and this neat little package was a great looking surprise that was staring back at me from the shelf in the shop – and it was free!
The brainchild of Noel Staunton, Ciaran O’Toole and David Nevin and art by Staunton, this insanely funny book pushes all boundaries of taste and morals while making you giggle like a maniac to yourself at the antics of the trio of characters in the book.
This collection of strips is a kind of Best of… along with some new strips that were made especially for the FCBD book.
You can take a look at a sample strip below, (that’s one strip I can show without a disclaimer) and follow the link to the books facebook fan page to see more.!/diabolicalkitten