UPCOMING: Destination Homicide Goes On Sale This Coming Monday

Alan Nolan’s latest book in the superb Murder Can Be Fatal series of graphic novels from O’Brien Press goes to shops this Monday, May 14th. The third of the series that has included Death by Chocolate and Six Million Ways To Die comes in at a hefty 80 pages and will be priced at just €7.99.
BOOK DESCRIPTION: When Hood City’s superheroes start to turn up dead the city’s worst homicide detectives, Ricky Nixon and Eddie Ribbs, are chosen to head up the case.
Along with investigative reporter Abigail Fletcher and their informant, blind bluesman Tonedeaf Roosevelt, Nixon and Ribbs must battle giant albino sewer alligators, mind-controlled zombie cheerleaders and the mysterious underground kingpin Mister Fogg in a brain-curdling mission to find out – WHO’S KILLING THE SUPERHEROES?