NEWS: Uproar Comics Announce Partnership With Causeway Pictures

It was announced today (Thursday) through The Irish Television and Film Network that two films will be made in Northern Ireland by Causeway Pictures, with Uproar Comics brought on board to produce comics that tie into both films and the story boarding for those films.
Here’s the release in full:
“Belfast-based production company Causeway Pictures has announced it will shoot two feature films in Northern Ireland this autumn.

The production company will shoot two horrors, ‘Vampires versus Leprechauns’ and ‘DEADlocked’, in the Greater Belfast area later this year, and has just announced it has signed on the dotted line with Derry-based Uproar Comics to produce a series of comics based on the films. Causeway founders are also currently in early-stage talks with a video game giant to create a video game based on the horrors.
Spence Wright, writer of ‘Red Mist’, has written both screenplays, with Causeway’s Chris Patterson helping to develop the story for ‘Vampires versus Leprechauns’.
Actor and director Allan Gildea (Give My Head Some Peace/The Patrol) will direct ‘Vampires versus Leprechauns’, with Chris Patterson and Paddy McCarney of Causeway co-producing.
The feature is being dubbed as a horror-comedy which sees sleepy Irish village Comhla Breac plagued by a group of bloodthirsty vampires looking for a gateway to Hell.
‘DEADlocked’ will be directed by Chris Baugh (Boys from County Hell), with the Causeway duo also co-producing.
‘DEADlocked’ is an apocalyptic-based horror where zombies have taken over a Belfast town. It sees bankers who are desperate for an escape from their ravaged workplace attempt to break free, as victims succumb to grey fever.
Cast has not yet been announced, but producer Chris tells IFTN Causeway is currently in talks with a number of high-profile actors for lead parts.
Chris and Paddy are working closely with Uproar to finalise the storyboard for the features so a series of comics based on each universe from ‘Vampires versus Leprechauns’ and ‘DEADlocked’ will be distributed worldwide upon post-production completion. Uproar is responsible for the popular ‘Zombie Hi’ comic book series which is available both in print as well as online in Ireland and the UK.
Causeway Pictures’ founders Chris and Paddy founded the company in 2009. Chris has worked extensively in the film industry, having worked as production manager on blockbusters such as ‘Quantum of Solace’ and ‘Hell Boy 2: The Golden Army’. Paddy has worked on equally impressive box-office hits, such as ‘Braveheart’ and ‘Angela’s Ashes’.
Northern Ireland Screen is funding both Causeway Pictures projects. ”
Our congratulations to Uproar for this huge news.