SPOTLIGHT: Introducing Pearlmoon Productions

In April a new comic company launched in County Derry called Pearlmoon Productions. Under the watchful eyes of John Connor and Una Gallagher they launched thier first comic online, “Faust” which is the first part of an adaptation of Gothe’s story of Dr Faustus. It is planned to run this for 4 issues over the remaining part of the year.
Last Saturday they released a short story in comic/audio format for free comic day called “The Passing Days” which is planned to stay available on their website. It is a short story about a man reflecting on his life on his last night alive.
Next month they are starting the print run of the comics and launching a 2 part standalone story called “Two Lives” to act as an introduction to a new set of characters and a world they plan on writing more stories in.
For the next few days Pearlmoon will be giving away downloadable copies of the short comic “Passing Days” in their store, after which it will only be available in the printed copies of Faust and as webcomics online.
“Passing Days” is a short stand alone comic that should introduce you to the storytelling style of Pearlmoon and the artwork you can expect to find in future works.
Also John has recorded an audio version of the comic as well that is included free in the download. It is a 3 minute track telling the story of Passing Days.
More information can be found on their website at: