IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Hilary Lawlers Captain America

I know, I know…between him and Wolverine, how many times can he be drawn for a noodle?  Well to be honest I tend to shy away from doodling some of the main superhero heads simply because I am crap at drawing them.  So I thought as a challenge I’d try it out for this weeks noodle.
Pencil sketch scanned into corel and then from there a process of effects, mashing up images and trial and error.  Lots of trial and error in fact.  Some text might have worked like his name in lights or something – the idea was to go for a nod to the poster boy image.
Anyways, Cappy is always easy on the eyes so hope you like and don’t feel like throwing his shield this way…he had to put it down in the pic in order to hold the lovely lady, such a gent.