NEWS: New Back Catalogue Shop Opens…Kind of

We were contacted by Joe Kerrigan who was telling us of a novel new way of buying back issues. As Joe told us, “I’ve just opened a new comic shop in Ireland (kind of…). Actually, what I have started is a back catalogue comic shop speccialsing in comics from the Golden age onwards.  I have aproximately 60,000 (HOLY SH*T – Dave) comics in my back catalogue (and growing) with 20 thousand catalogues and ready to sell. I have uploaded my database to a website where customers can easily search through the titles.  (”

Joe continued, “At the moment I do not have a shop location nor am I intending to open one.  Instead I am working with some local comic shops to present the back catalogue to in-shop customers.  People can search the back catalogue at home or in-store, pay in cash or via paypal and pick up their comics later.  I am working on a postage option but first am working with local shops.  All comics in the back catalogue are offered at 30% off the guide price (after currency conversion)..”

If this is something that is of interest to you jump on over to For special offers add them on Facebook at