Anthea West's Earthbound God IndieGoGo campaign

Anthea West’s Earthbound God IndieGoGo campaign is offically up and running! Please click the link below to help a fellow comic artist to get printed!


Here are the details:

So who is this and what are they trying to do?

Heya I’m Anthea West, a Comic Artist, Illustrator and Animator from Dublin! I’m a full time student and a part time comic creator though I’m hoping for that to change within the next year. I’m a member of Zenpop Indie Comics where I have my Webcomic Desolate Ceremony hosted there: Comics and stories are a huge passion of mine and something I really want to set my career on.
This campaign is to raise funds for my upcoming comic The Earthbound God, it’s my biggest project yet and It’s something I’ve been developing for over a year now. I think this comic it will really help get my name out there in Irish/English comic scene. At the moment I’m simply a small fish!
Without funding I have no hope of getting my book printed out into the world and onto the Convention circuit so this is why I’m humbling asking for a helping hand.

How you can help


The goal is $500. With this I’ll be able to print out a large number of books, not just to sell at conventions but to send out to people and sell in comic shops like Forbidden Planet. If by some miracle I make over the marker I may be able to invest in making an Art book as well. This however is not the focus, The Earthbound God is.
The Perks, depending on how much you donate are:
Exclusive Desktop Wallpaper
Grey and white poster with a leaping deer monster
Handdrawn Personalized Earthbound God Artwork of an animal of your choosing:
A bearded Turtle creature done in inks
A Signed Pre-Ordered book!
Cover image for Book
If I don’t reach my entire goal I should still be able to prints some books, just in much smaller numbers, so any small amount will help.

Other Ways You Can Help:

If you can’t donated but still like to help out then please spread the word about this campaign.  Share with friends, on Facebook, Tumblr, Deviantart or Twitter whatever one you use.  The more people who know, the better!
Also please support the comic by following the Earthbound God tumblr, where new info, concepts and detail of the book will be posted:
Thank you very much for reading!