IRISH COMIC NOODLERS: Anthony O'Neills Nestor

So there has been a lot of hype here on ICN about Mike Lynch and Martin Greene’s fang-tastically gore-ious new book ” Nestor ” which I just so happen to have illustrated the second issue of, so I thought it’d be great to do a teaser for you guys, just to try get some feedback and see what you all think (didn’t want to be stepping right on top of the great Paul McCallans interview and stuff so I thought I’d leave it till now).
But before i go I just want to thank everyone here at ICN for all their helpful contributions supporting this book, Tommie, Hilary, Dave and anyone else I don’t know of or have never met here, give yourselves a massive pat on the back from all of us here at Abandoned, you guys are a credit to the industry, and Irish comics are SOOOOOOOOOOoooo! lucky to have ye’s 😉
Now that’s enough of the mushy stuff,