PODCAST: 2d Festival Podcast Episode 5



The words of the late great Road Warrior Hawk very accurately sum up the 2012 2D Northern Ireland Comics Festival. Join your genial guides Bobby Best and Ciaran Flanagan as they relive the event in this very special episode of the 2DCast recorded live over the course of the weekend from not only the comics open day at the Verbal Arts Centre, but also post panel discussion from the palatial steps of the Derry driving licence office along with their special guests:
Andy Luke
Bec Hill
Aaron Abernathy
Scott Ferguson
Stephen Mooney
Ger Hankey
Declan Shalvey
Tommie Kelly
Cormac Hughes
Ciaran Marcantonio
Lorcan McGrane
Danny McLaughlin
Peter E Davidson
Topics include the evenings panel discussion, Prometheus, Zwanna Son Of Zulu, ROB SCHNEIDER~!!! Half Past Danger , The new Judge Dredd Movie, Benedict Cumberbatch and his role in the new Star Trek, and a whole lot more. Due to the late night nature of much of the recording this podcast is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Lots of swearing and so forth.
Thanks to all who attended the festival this year, and thank you for your support of the 2DCast.
As always our Email address is 2dcast@gmail.com