REVIEW: Pearlmoon ProductionsTwo Lives Parts 1 & 2

Story by: John Connor & Una Gallagher
Art by: Una Gallagher
Two Lives is the new title from Pearlmoon Productions, a new Northern Irish based comics company. Embracing the digital forum, Two Lives is a digital first publication with a print edition to be made available in June. This review cover parts one and two which are available now.
Two Lives tells a very interesting tale as it raises a question of whether this is a story of revenge or a story of justice. It asks just how far you could go to seek retribution for a devastating wrong committed against one you love. It is a great play on human emotion in a deftly crafted narrative that I found wholly embracing and above all else an intelligently written emotive piece told through flashback informative scenes told in tangent with a taut drama. I don’t want to reveal any plot details because after reading these two issues I want others to discover the books on the own and discover how strong an idea it is and how good it was pulled off.
Una Gallgher’s haunting art is a credit to the book. The manga influence of the art is presented in an almost grey wash effect and is dark in places. Yet the detailed manner worked in perfect tandem with the narrative to relay the tone of the story. Gallagher has a great grasp of emotion that was apparent in the facial expressions throughout the two parter. This is something oft overlooked in many stories and as a result you don’t get the full emotive spectrum of a story which was an important aspect of this book to get right considering the subject matter and she hit it right on the head.
Both issues come with a couple of extras. In issue one you get some character sketches and designs and with issue two there is a two pager called ‘The Adventures of Me.’
It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into the books execution prior to publication and it comes across as a complete story. You feel a ton of empathy for the male lead and you could just have easily seen his final actions take a very different turn if you were in his shoes. In that manner it makes you ask questions of yourself if you ever found yourself in his shoes. This thought provoking tale is a great advertisement for this fledgling company and should be checked out by all. Highly recommended.