SURVEY: Digitally-grounded Artists and Professionals

Just got this in the inbox:

“Hello my name is Thomas McGraw Lewis and I’m writing on behalf of a collaborative effort between The Ark, A Cultural Centre for Children and the Irish Film Institute, both here in Dublin.
The Ark and the IFI have just launched a collaborative research endeavor with the hopes of informing a forthcoming arts/media residency to be housed between the two institutions. The residency will focus on an artist, or creative practitioner, working with digital technologies and children ages 9-13. Since the nature and shape of this residency is presently wide open, we are seeking the experiences of artists and practitioners whose work encompasses facets of digital/technology-based outcomes – and th
ose who have worked, or have an expressed interest in working with, children and young people.
If you would please take a few minutes (less than ten, promise!) to glance over and fill in the following survey, it would give us a sense of what the Irish landscape looks like concerning d. Coupled with a number of models from abroad, it will give us a sense of what we can do here in Dublin that is unique, engaging and new.
The survey can be found here:
This is your opportunity to directly inform a residency that will be coming online in the near future, one that is intent on listening to the needs and experiences of artists and practitioners like you.  We would be very grateful if you could please forward this survey on to anyone whom you think may be interested in completing it. We appreciate your support welcome all feedback, which can be sent either directly to: or to
The deadline for survey completion is Friday, June 29th.
Thank you for your time,
Thomas, Researcher, The Ark and IFI”