UPDATES: Stephen Downeys Comic Con analysis for May

Stephen Downey has had a busy busy month of May and early June.  So taking time out of this rollercoaster ride of comic cons, he has analysed which of the cons worked out for him best and gave balanced and honest opinions on each.
Well worth checking out the breakdown on each of the cons visited – Bristol, Kapow!, MCM Expo and 2D Festival.  Each approached from an artists point of view on sketching for the day and how each of the events varied with emphasis on what type of audience were at it too.
The bonus is seeing some of the fantastic arwork Stephen has created for fans on the day.  Often this is the very thing you don’t see as the day goes quickly, the sketches are done fast and they’re often not photographed for a record of what artwork was created on the day.
Click on the link for the full details http://www.stephendowneygallery.com/2012/06/may-cons.html